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The Newkirks - original country music


The Newkirks, a husband-and-wife, singer-songwriter duo based out of Kansas City, began crafting their collective style at gatherings around the campfire with family and friends and local open mic nights throughout the Kansas City metro. In 2014 they took the leap to the stage, and have since performed shows throughout the Midwest.

Hailing from smaller Kansas towns, Adam and Sara have drawn from their familiarity of both small-town and big-city life, to help shape genuine lyrics that speak of the heartbreak, love, struggles and triumphs experienced in their own lives.

The Newkirks are eager to share their debut release, "The Newkirks - Live at the Loft" which captures their unique harmonies and country-folk sound. The 10-song, original album was recorded live and acoustic in early 2016, and highlights The Newkirks’ maturation as artists, as well as their desire to become a “can’t miss” act within KC’s growing, vibrant music scene.

The Newkirks on KKFI

The Newkirks joined host Diana Linn on KKFI's The Tasty Brew Morning show on February 28th to discuss their backgrounds, music, what's coming next, including playing three songs live in the studio. 

2/28/17 - Tasty Brew Music Radio Show, Hour 2 featuring The Newkirks

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